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CBSE->Plus 1 Biology Science Questions

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Which are the synonymns for sinister
Which are the synonymns for sinister?
what do you mean by water gas shift reaction?
H2O molecule is a triatomic molecule but its geometry is not linear. Why?
why is the window panes of old buildings become thicker at the bottom?
while writing the equilibrium constant , we generally use aq and gases only.. why do we ignore pure solids and liquids?
draw the structure of XeOF2
what is infinite dimension?
what is morphology of plants?
what is law of relativity?
which is the smallest atom?
The escape velocity of a body from a planet may depend on the following factors a.acceleration due to gravity g and b. radius of the planet R and c. the mass of body m . By applying dimensions derive a correct relation for escape velocity in terms of the given quantities
The time oscillations t of a small drop of a liquid under surface tension depends on the density d ,radius r and surface tension s.Dimensionally derive the relation between time and the given quantities
Assuming that the period of vibration of a tunning fork depends upon the length l of the prong and on the density and Young's modulus y of the material.Find the method of dimensions,a formula for the period of vibration
Assuming that the critical velocity Vc of a viscous liquid flowing through a capillary tube depends upon the radius a of the tube,the density ? and the coefficient of viscosity ? of the liquid .Obtain a relation for Vc in terms of given quantities
The viscous force F acting on a ball when it moves through a viscous medium may depend on the following factors. 1.radius r of the ball 2.speed v 3.the coefficient of viscosity. Derive the correct relation for viscous force in terms of the given quantities .Take the constant of proportionality as k = 6?
The wavelength lambda associated with a moving electron depens upon its mass m ,its velocity v and planck's constant h.Prove using the method of dimensions
Who is the author of The Alchemist ?
If a person loses his memory then how does he remember his language?
what do you mean by ripening of fallopian tube?and when it become yellow in colour?when will it destroy?