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CBSE->Plus 1 Commerce Questions

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Sir, My SA1 exam portion shown as below which I can't get from smartindia class notes. (3 chapters) 1-INTRODUCTION,2-COLLECTION OF DATA,3-ORGANISATION OF DATA. Please help me to find above chapter from smartindia class notes
Write a seminar on the topic 'online transaction'
i have to submit a project on social studies for a social science exhibition. and the topic for the project is greece . what project can i do which will attract the judges?
I got a question, to make a accounting equation.i have a doubt that where should i write "paid interest a loan $20,000 & installment of $ 2,00,000" in the accounting equation table & why ?
If P and Q are two points whose coordinates are (at²,2at) and (a/t²,2a/t) respectively and S is the point (a,0). Show that 1/SP + 1/SQ is independent of t.
My father has blood group O-ve and my mother has blood group B+ve. I'm having blood group A+ve. Why is it so ?
Explain the process of evolution of wild cabbage.
Can u give the notes of civics chapter Political Parties ?
Solve by factorisation. 1) 4x2 - 4a2x + a4 - b4 = 0 2) 1/a+b+x = 1/a + 1/b + 1/x
Why did Lord Canterville's family decided to leave the Canterville chase?
while subsidies encourage farmers to use new technology,they are huge burden on goveernment finance.Discuss the usefulness of subsidies in the light of this fact
why was public sector given a leading role in the industrial development of India?
explain how import substitution can protect domestic industries?
why was it necessary for a developing country like India to follow self reliance as planning objective?
explain the objectives of planning commission in India
what is green revolution ? why was it implemented and how did it benefit the farmers?
explain the need and type of landreforms implemented in the agricultural sector
what is marketable surplus?
what is error of principle?