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CBSE->Plus 2 Biology Science Questions

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Is toad a eurythermal animal ?
Example of baculovirus
Find the points on the curve 9y2=x3where thenormal to the curve makes equal intercepts with the axis.
what are organo-metallic compounds?
what is the structure of 2-Bromo-4-hydroxybenzonitrile?
what is the difference between aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons?
what is the difference between aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons?
whats heat
Why during change of season most people fall sick,when we know that pathogens like viruses,bacteria ,protozoa cause disease?
what is the importance of stemcells in regeneration?
The magnetic field at a distance r from a long wire carrying current is 0.4tesla.The magnetic field at a distance 2r is______
Two circular coils of radii 10cm & 40cm are connected in series to a battery.The ratio of magnetic fields at their centers is______
Two identical wires of equal length are wound to form circular coils with 1 & 2 turns. when the same current is passed through them.,the field at the centres are in the ratio______
A long straight wire of diameter 0.5mm carrying a current of 1A is replaced by another wire of 1mm diameter carrying the same current.The stength of the magnetic field far away is now_______
A long straight conductor carries a current of 100A.At what distance from the conductor is the magnetic field caused by the current is equal to0.5*10^-4T.
A 9ohm resistor is bent into an equilateral triangle.The effective resistance between the adjacent corners is_________
A heating element using nichrome connected to a 112V supply draws a current of 1.6A initally and after some time it settles to 1.4amp.What is the steady temperature of the heating element,if the room temperature is 30degreeC and average coefficient of resistance is 1.4*10^-4/C.
At room temperature ie at 27degreeC.,the resistance of a heating element is 100ohm.What is the temperature of the element if the resistance is found to be 117ohm,Assume the tepmperature coefficient of resistance of the material is 1.7*10^-4/C.
A wire of length 1m has a resistance of 2ohm.What is its resistivity if the radius of the wire is 0.2mm.
A small pin fixed on a table top is viewed from above from a distance of 50cm.By what distance would the pin appear to be raised if it is viewed from the same point through a 15cm thick glass slab held parallel to the table. mue of glass is 1.5.