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CBSE->Plus 2 Computer Science Questions

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sin 75
What is linear resistor?
What is zero order reaction in the chapter chemical kinetics.
Which is the header file for "clrscr()"
What is mean value theorem
Why electric field lines don't break
Show that f:r->r defined by f(x)=1/x is one-one and onto, where R? is the set of all non-zero real numbers. Is the result true, if the domain R? is replaced by N with co-domain being same as R
Is it possible to convert sound energy to electrical energy and use it for charging etc for example a phone charger which charges a phone by converting sound energy to electrical energy??
Can you explain to me about the cartesian sign conversation in ray optics?
What is the Raoults Law exactly? What is it's statement ?
what happens to the soul <if they say,we have> after death..Will development in genetics lead to a deathless society in future ??
What is exactly the riddle behind "BERMUDA TRIANGLE"?? Please be specific..
where do we use componendo and dividendo?
Draw a graph showing the variation of stopping potential with frequency of radiation incident on the metal plate? How can the value of plank's constant be determined from the graph?
How long will the sun last?
1.why does the rate of a reaction not remain constant throughout the reaction process? 2. the slope of the line for the graph of Log k v/s 1/t for the reaction N2O5->2NO2 +1/2 O2 is -5000. find activation energy. 3. how much time is required for 3/4th of PH3 to decompose
WHY? 1.NH3 is a strong base than PH3. 2. in the structure of HNO3, the N-O bond is shorter than the N-OH bond 3.all the P-Cl bond in PCl5 are not equivalent 4. NH3 is good complexing agent
1.torque on a magnetic dipole in a magnetic field 2.hysteresis 3.does a magnetic monopole exist? justify and how magnetic field produced? 4. eddy current
consider the single dimension array AAA[45] having base address 300 and 4 bytes is the size of each element of the array. find the address of AAA[10],AAA[25]and AAA[40].
what is bubble sort,selection sort, insertion sort.