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CBSE->Std 10 Questions

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The age of a man is twice the square of age of his son. Eight years hence, the age of the man will be 4 years more than 3 times the age of his son, find their present age
Why tungsten used for filament of electric lamp ? Explain.
What is the reason behind lack of permanent human settlement in Antarctica?
Roohi travels 300 km to her home partly by train and partly by bus. She takes 4 hours if she travels 60 km by train and remaining by bus. If she travels 100 km by train and the remaining by bus, she takes 10 minutes longer. Find the speed of the train and the bus separately.
Median of first 10 prime numbers
Independence of judiciary is the key to success of federalism .Discuss
1 what is called dynamo 2 compare the resistivities of conductor and insulators at the same temperature
Where do universe lie?
Explain the contributions of Hao Hao in the movement in Vietnam?
Describe the major problems in the field of education for french in Vietnam ?
a brief summary of the chapter consumer rights
a brief summary of the chapter globalisation
What is the difference between re-production and re-generation?
why is conservation and management of water resource is a great necessity
Explain the structure of Nephron.
Prove that the equilateral triangles described on the two sides of a right-angled triangle are together equal to the equilateral triangle described on the hypotenuse in terms of their areas.
A Web Browser is a web---------------
a summary of the lesson the making of global world