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CBSE->Std 9 Questions

Total Questions 1962
why india is known as a sub-continent?
who made taj mahal
why india is known as a sub continent
what is the meaning of aristocracy?
What is notochord? What is dorsal nerve cord? What is coelom? What are vertebrates?
How many grams of sodium will have the same number of atoms as 6 grams of magnesium ? (Given Na=23u, Mg=24 u)
Any point on the line y=3x is of the form : (A) (a, 3a) (B) (3a, a) (C) (a, a/3) (D) (a/3,?a)
How to find the atomicity of an element?
Give reason why parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and leeward side of the western ghats are droughtprone.
Give reason why the bulk of rainfall in India is concentrated over a few months.
Give reason why the delta region of the eastfern coast is frequently struck by cyclones.
Give reason by Tamilnadu coast receives winter rainfalls
Seasonal reversal of wind direction takes place over the Indian subcontinent. Give reason
Why does the rainfall decrease from the east to the west in northern India?
How do jetstream affect the climate of India?
Which part of India experience the highest durnal range of temperature and why?
What makes diff. in pitch in a water xylophone? What is the relationship between pitch and frequency?
What is meant by integrated judiciary?write briefly.