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ICSE/ISC->Std 9 Questions

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where do anaerobic respiration takes place?
when do anaerobic respiration take place?and where in the cell?
why does loss of something important to us lead to depression followed by anger and uncontrollable emotions?
Does anything created by nature cause harm to nature itself?????
Juvenile Homes are for children under 17. But what if a child commits a crime at 16 and has a punishment of 5 years? What do they do with him/her then?
Why do ants always travel in a line?
Please explain the difference between may and might.
A pebble is dropped freely in a well from its top.It takes 20s for the pebble to reach the water surface in the well.Taking g=10m/s2 and speed of sound=330m/s,explain how to find :(a) the depth of water surface and (b)the time when echo is heard after the pebble is dropped.
in a triangle ABC the perpendicular bisectors of the triangle meet at I.Prove that IA=IB=IC.
In a triangle ABC, the internal bisectors of angles B and C meet at P and the external bisectors of angles B and C meet at Q. Prove that : angle BPC + ANGLE BQC = 2 RIGHT ANGLES.
where is malala born?
kindly add the chapter tests and class notes of lessons ecosystem and five kingdom classification
While mixing Nacl with water what type of reaction takes place-endothermic or exothermic?
What does newton's third law of motion state?
how is the name java came from
what is rivetting?
What is a unit force?
What is alpine period?
how many litre of blood present in blue whale's body