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Kerala (English Medium)->Plus 1 Computer Science Questions

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Distinguish between compiler and interpreter
newtons third law of motion
enthalpy of vaporisation
what i mean by algorithm and flowchart
Types of redox reaction
what is enthalpy of composition?
what is meant by an internal energy?
what is cache memory?
what is a phrase?
what is instantaneous speed
what are operators?
raju obtained 70 and 60 marks in first 2 examinations.Find the minimum mark we should get in the 3rd examination to have an average of atleast 15mark -on the chapter linear inequality
write a short note on input and output of a computer with pictures?
Two trees,A and B are on the same side of a river.From a point C in the river the distance of the trees A and B is 250m and 300m respectively.If the angle C is 45 degree .Find the distance between the trees(please show a rough figure)
To prepare Social Science Talent Search Exam Please give me one word Questions And Answers including Social Science Texts and current affairs and General Knowledge Please answer the question today itself because the competetion will be on Monday
draw the flowchart to input day numbers of week and display corresponing names?
write an algorithm to print odd number between 1 and 20?
write an algorithm to check whether sum of two number is positive or negative?
write an algorithm to find area of a rectangle?
can you give me a brief note on balkan crisis