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What is scalar chain? With digram & explanation?

Henri Fayol developed his own ideas about managing while serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Fayol believed in constant communication between supervisors and employees. Fayol defines the Scalar Chain as 'the chain of superiors ranging from the ultimate authority to the lowest rank.' An employee should feel free to contact his supervisor about anything through the scalar chain. Every order, message, request, instruction or explanation has to pass through the Scalar Chain. This path shows a company's line of authority and the links through which communications are transmitted from the top to the bottom of a company and back. To avoid possible communication delays, Fayol developed the 'Gang Plank.' A Gang Plank is a temporary arrangement between two different points to make communicating quicker and easier.

In the figure below, If D has to communicate with G, D will send the communication upwards through C, B , A and then downwards through E and F. It would take some time before G actually got the message. With a Gang Plank, D can communicate directly with G.

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