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Why is the nervous part called our control part

The Central Nervous System (CNS) is exactly what the name implies. It is the "absolute" central - nervous - system.

The Central Nervous System is composed of the brain and spinal cord, along with their nerves and end organs (the end of nerves) that control voluntary and involuntary acts. In other words, those physical body processes that you do on your own (moving your arm) and those you do without having to tell your body to do it (like breathing). Your CNS is the Master Control Center.
It receives sensory information from various regions such as the outside world and the somatic and visceral body by way of the peripheral nervous system [and even from other parts of itself (such as memories from memory storage sites in the brain). It processes that incoming and stored data by filtering and organizing it sending images and other sensations to consciousness, and sending motor impulses out to muscles and glands which causes them to contract or secrete.

In summary, it samples the environment and body and makes helpful adjustments within the body and by controlling movements based on inborn and acquired (learned) information, integrating instinct and experience with the facts of the present situation, and generating an appropriate respone including the choice to do nothing.

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