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What are the values and purpose of school debating club ?

 The purpose  of a debating club is to widen the area of knowledge of students.Debating society undoubtedly sharpens the reasoning sense of students. It is not sufficient to simply put forth the arguments. The arguments are to be put forth in a systematic way. When our mental faculties become sharp we can tackle intricate facts readily. If we are not conveyed the subject matter before joining a debating society we try to develop the habit of speaking extempore.

Debating society develops the art of speaking. Students having a feeling of shyness or tongue-tied students develop the art of speaking gradually by joining a debating society- A good orator wins the people easily in his favour.By sheer practice we can learn the art of eloquence well.We develop a desire to go beyond the area of text books for gathering information to suit best to the topic of the debate. Thereby we win in debates. A debating society provides a student the scope to speak his own ideal without fear of favour.
Defeat or victory in a debating society should be borne up with the spirit of a sportsman. Through debates we make an attempt to go near the truth. By winning a debate we do not go up very much just as we do not degrade ourselves by being defeated in a debate.

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