Ask a Teacher

Spreading greenery for a healthy life

Greenery in cities or in villages are a delight to the eyes.It keeps you cool from the sweltering heat.It clears air pollution to a certain extent.Plants and trees prevent soil erosion.Keeps fertility of soil.Provides birds a nestling.The current scenario of global warming can be prevented by planting more and more trees.Diseases such as Asthma,and other  air borne allergies can be minimized as plants   act as scrubbers and absorb most of the particulate pollutants from air.
In urban areas, concrete and asphalt can deplete plants to the extent that the oxygen plants produce is greatly decreased, while the carbon dioxide man produces is increased. Whether plants are used to freshen our air or nourish our bodies, greenery must be spread rather than depleted. The public at large is beginning to understand that getting back to natural foods is the healthy response to food-based illnesses.

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