Ask a Teacher

Spreading greenery for a healthy life

The grandeur of a drawing room and a living room is best felt when there is an element of nature's pride possession - a tree, or an indoor plant, or even for that matter a sapling. Children as of now get to see less of greenery and more of technologically driven software parks. Fortunately we have come to a point where we can bring the world of flora to our homes.Clean and healthy living clean may be defined as the state of freedom from impurity.In the similar way health may be defined as the state of a individual in which the individual is physically and mentally fit.
The concrete buildings surrounding us reduce the greenery and thus lessens fresh air to us.  Greenery to a certain extent reduces the pollution and the load of Carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.Greenery around the living place make the people healthier than anything else,fresh air provided by the trees are the best medicine that plants can part of world is most essential to live healthy and longer.They absorb all the pollutants present in the the air and makes the air free of harmful molecules .

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