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1. What are the three main phase of cognitive behavioural techniques?

     The three main phases of cognitive behavioural technique are ( i ) assessment, (ii) stress reduction techniques, (iii) application and follow through.

2. How internal pressure are caused?

     Internal pressures stem from beliefs based upon expectations form inside us to ourselves such as “ I must do everything perfectly’.

3. Mention some sources of stress.

     Among the most important sources of stress are-stressful life events such as death of a loved one or personal injury, the annoying frequent hassles of everyday life and traumatic events that effect our lives.

4. How frustration is caused?

     Frustration results from the blocking of needs and motives by something or someone that hinders us from achieving a desired goal.

5. Does stress reside in the individual?

    No, stress is not a factor that resides in the individual or the environment, instead it is embedded in an ongoing process that involves individuals transacting with their social and cultural environments, making appraisals of those encounters and attempting to cope with the issues that arise.

6. What are traumatic events?

      Traumatic events include being involved in a variety of extreme events such as a fire, train or road accident, robbery, earthquake, tsunami etc.

7. How does the immune system work?

     The white Blood cells (W.B.C) within the immune system identify and destroy foreign bodies (antigens) such as viruses. It also leads to the production of antibodies.

8. What do you mean by life style?

      Life style is the overall pattern of decisions and behaviours and determine a person’s health and quality of life.

9. What are problem – focused strategies?

      Problem itself, with behaviours designed to gain information, to alter the event, and to alter belief ad commitments.

10. Mention some benefits of regular exercise.

      Regular exercise improves the efficiency of the heart, enhances the function of the lungs, maintain good circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces fat in the blood and improves the bodies immune system.

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