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1. What are living things?

Living things breathe,  move on their own, eat food, feel, grow and reproduce.

2. What are Non-living things?

Non-living things cannot breathe, move on their own, eat food, feel, grow and reproduce.

3. What are natural things?

Non-living things found in nature are called natural things.

4. What are man-made things?

Non-living things made by man are called man-made things.

5. Give two examples of living things.

The two examples of living things are plant and cat.

6. Give two examples of non-living things.

The two examples of non-living things are chair and pencil.

7. Give two examples of natural things.

The two examples of natural things are stone and water.

8. Give two examples of man-made things.

The two examples of man-made things are train and houses.

9. What are the five differences between living things and non-living things?

Living things Non-living things
1. Living things breathe.
2. Living things move on their own.
3. Living things need food.
4. Living things feel.
5. Living things reproduce.
1. Non-living things do not breathe.
2.  Non-living things do not move on their own.
3.  Non-living things do not need food.
4.  Non-living things do not feel.
5.  Non-living things do not reproduce.

10. Write six features of living things.

1. They move.

2. They grow and change.

3. They need food.

4. They feel and respond to changes around them.

5. They breathe.

6. They reproduce.

11. What do living things need to live?

Living things need air, food and water to live.

12. What do animals like the parrot and goat eat ?

Animals like the parrot and goat eat only plants.

13. How do insects move?

Insects move with the help of their legs.  Wings help them fly.

14. How do frogs obtain air?

Frogs spend a part of their life in water and a part on land.  On land, they breathe in air thorugh lungs.  When in water they take in air also from water.

15. What body parts do different animals use for breathing?

Many animals breathe through their nose.  Fishes breathe through their gills. Some anmals such as cockroaches and grasshoppers, breathe through air holes in their bodies.

16. Why do animals move from place to place?

Animals move from place to place in search of food and shelter, or to escape from their enemies.

17. Why is there no need for plants to move around?

Plants do not move from place to place.  They do not have to search for food since they make their own food.

18. Give two majro difference between anmals and plants.

Plants Animals

1. Plants make their own food.

2. Plants remain fixed at one place.

1. Animals get and eat their food.

2. Animals move around.

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