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1. Explain Windows operating system.

The windows operating system is the most popular operating system because it is very user friendly. Microsoft Windows is a series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces produced by Microsoft.

2. How to change the Desktop Wallpaper (Background)?

1. Right - click on the Desktop to get the Desktop menu.
2. Select the Personalize.
3. Select a theme.

3. How to change the screen saver?

1. Right click on the desktop to get the shortcut menu.
2. Select Personalize.
4. Select Photos from the drop- down menu
5. Click OK.

4. What is screen saver?

A screen saver is a computer program that blanks the screen or fills it with moving images or patterns when the computer is not in use.

5. How to open Gadgets?

1. Right - click in the Desktop to get the shortcut menu.
2. Click Gadgets. The Gadgets menu appears.
3. Double click on any gadgets in the Desktop.

6. What is the use of Gadgets?

Gadgets put information and fun—like news, pictures, games, and the phases of the moon—right on your desktop.

7. What is Sticky Notes?

Sticky Note is used to quickly write to do list or a phone number on the desktop. To add a sticky note to the desktop uses the following steps:-

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories >Sticky Notes.

8. How to create a folder on a Desktop?

1. Right click anywhere on the Desktop. The Desktop menu appears.

2. Click New. A sub menu appears.

3. Select Folder.

A New Folder icon appears with the highlighted text in the name box.

4. Type a name for your folder in the name box.

9. How to rename a file?

A file can be renamed by using the Rename option.
1. Right click the file to be renamed. .A shortcut menu appears.
2. Click on the Rename option. The file name gets highlighted.
3. Type a New name for the file. The file has been renamed.

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