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The unit deals with the relationship between Nature and  Man.  Trees, Animals Birds, Rivers, Mountains etc are given by nature to us.   Human beings are bound to protect and safe guard it for the sustainability of the  environment.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" - Albert Einstein

1. Suryamani works hard to save the forest.  Have you ever made any attempt to save nature?

Yes. I tell my friends and relatives not to cut down trees.  I urge them to plant new trees.  I myself have planted many trees in many school house compounds.  Moreover, I discourage the use of plastics and burning of plastic.

  •  Reduce the use of artificial items, recycle more and re-use items.   
  •  Restore damaged ecosystems by planting trees on land where forests have been cut down.
  • Encourage people to live in a way that doesn't hurt the environment.
  • Establish parks to protect rainforests and wildlife.

2'Our survival is linked with the survival of the forest' Do you agree? Discuss this with your friends.

Arun : Nature activists say that our survival is linked with the survival of the forest.  What is your opinion?

I : I fully agree with that.  They were very correct.

Arun: Why?

I : Because, in nature everything is interconnected.  Forests and mountains cause rain.  Water is essential to the existence of life on earth. If trees are cut down and mountains levelled, it would affect nature very badly.  As a result some of the creatures and plants would be wiped out.  It would upset the whole ecological balance.

Arun: You are very correct.  Vishnu.  I have not thought so deeply.  I also agree with the activists' opinion.

3. Write a paragraph what you would see/hear/feel in a forest.

Yesterday, we went on a nature walk with our teacher.  As we entered, we could see big trees like large umbrellas spread just beneath sky.  We could hear the chirping of bird.  I thought they were welcoming us.  We moved on to another part of the forest.  There we could sense the fragrance of the wild flowers.  There we could see a large honey comb on the topmost part of a tall tree and honey was dripping from it.  We could sense the sweet smell of honey.  Then we could hear the trumpeting of an elephant and we could see a herd of elephant moving quietly.  They did not even mind us, and disappeared from our sight suddenly.  We continued our walk and within half an hour we could see a stream.  We could hear the gurgling sound of flowing water and sense the cold of water.  There we could see some members of an adivasi tribe.  We could hear them talking, but their words were unintelligible to us.  When we passed by their huts, we could sense the aroma of their cooked food.  We returned at about 4'O clock.  It was an interesting experience.

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