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PowerPoint Graphics

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is very interesting and it helps to create effective presentations.

Insert tab

Insert tab contains different groups like Table, Illustration, Links, Text and Media clips.


Illustration group helps to insert pictures, Clip Art, photo albums, Shapes, Smart art and charts.


Picture : It is used to insert pictures from file. It helps to insert your own pictures or any other pictures already stored in your computer.

Clip art: It is used to insert the Clip art pictures. Clip Art pictures are collection of drawings supplied with MS office2007.

Shapes : It helps to insert different shapes and objects.

Smart Art : It is a collection of pre defined layouts used to modify the presentation.


New Photo Album

A PowerPoint photo album is a presentation that can create to display personal or business photographs. After inserting the pictures, you can add captions, adjust the order and layout, add frames around the pictures, and even apply a theme to further customize the look of the album.


1. Click on Photo album on Illustration group.



2. Click on File/ Disk button in Photo Album dialog box.

3. Select the pictures and click on Insert button. A list of selected pictures are displayed on the window.

4. Click Create on Photo Album dialog box.


5. To run presentation press F5 key . Press enter key or mouse button to change the slides.

Insert Smart Art Graphics

Create Smart Art graphics by choosing from among many different layouts to quickly, easily, and effectively communicate messages.



To insert Smart Art graphics,

Click on Insert Smart Art Graphics in the Illustration Group.

A window is displayed on the screen with a list of Smart Arts layouts .

Left side of the window displays All, List, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix and Pyramid options.


By default it list 'All' option.

Select a layout and click OK button.

Now the selected design is inserted in the slide and design tab options are automatically displayed on the Ribbon.

Insert Chart

Insert Chart to Illustrate and compare data in the Presentation. Bar, Pie, Line, Area and Surface are some of the available types.



Select Insert Chart in the Illustration group

Appears a Chart box named Insert Chart.

Select chart type and click OK, then appears a new menu named Chart tools and three Tabs named Design, Layout, and Format correspondingly along with a related work sheet of Microsoft Office Excel.

Insert Text Box

Text boxes  are used to place text any where on a slide.

To insert a Text box in to the document,

Click Text Box in the text group on the Insert Tab.



Then drag in the working area.Then you will get a text box. Here you can type the text.

Insert Header & Footer to Slide

Header and footers helps to display common contents of a presentation into all slides. Information such as slide numbers, the time and date, a company logo, the presentation title or file name into single slide can be inserted and it will be displayed in all slides.

To insert Header & Footer,

Click Header & Footer on the Insert tab. It displays 'Header and Footer' dialog box.


On the Slide tab, select 'Date and Time' and Slide numbers' to insert date and slide numbers respectively.

To insert a footer,

Click on footer and type the name.

Click Apply to all button to display footer information on all slides in the presentation.

It will display the slide no. and date on bottom of the page.

Insert Word Art

Word Art is a gallery of text styles to make the presentation more attractive.

To insert Word Art , click on Word Art from Text group.



A window will be displayed with a lot of Word Art styles.


Select the style and click on it. A text box with selected style is displayed.

Insert Tables

Table group on insert tab helps to insert tables in the presentation.

To insert table,

Click Tables Group in the Insert tab. A drop down menu will appear.

Select the number of rows and columns. The table will be inserted into the presentation.

Insert Hyper Link

Hyper link is a connection from one slide to another slide on the same presentation or to a slide in another presentation, an e-mail address, a Web page, or a file.

Create a hyperlink to a slide in the same presentation

Select the text or the object that you want to use as a hyperlink.

In the Insert tab, locate the Linksfield and click on Hyperlinks.

Under the Link to field find and click Place in this document.

In the Select a place in this document field, click on the slide that you would like to hyperlink to.

Click OK button.

Insert Movie From File

MS PowerPoint 2007 support to insert video clips into your presentation.

To insert a video clip into the presentation,

Click on the movie option from Media Clips group.

An 'Insert Movie' window will be displayed.

Select the file name of the clip and click on OK button.

The movie will be inserted into the slide. Press F5 to apply slide show.

To insert video clips from Clip Art, follow the steps below ,

Click on Movie drop down arrow

Click on Movie from Clip organizer

Click on a picture from Clip Art window

The clip art movie is inserted . Press F5 to run the presentation.

Insert Sound

PowerPoint support to insert background sounds and music into the presentation. It will help to get multimedia effects to the presentation. It may be speech, explanations, songs and music etc.

To insert sound from file,

Click 'Sound' option from Media Clips Group and select a sound file from the Insert sound window and click OK.

To insert sound file from the Clip Art, select Sound from Clip Organizer.

It also support to record the sounds and insert into the presentation.

To insert record sounds, Click 'Record sound' option from drop down menu.

Then a Record sound window appears.

Here record the sound and insert the sound into the presentation by clicking OK button.

Design Tab

Design Tab helps to design presentation in a very colorful and attractive manner. The page setup, Themes and Background groups helps to design the presentation.



Apply Themes

Theme : A set of unified design elements that provides a look for the document by using color, fonts, and graphics.

A document theme is a set of formatting choice that include a set of theme colors, a set of theme fonts and a set of theme effects.

Background styles

Background styles are background fill variations derived from combinations of the theme colors and background intensities in the document theme.

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