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1.How Saudi Arabia changed into a rich prosperous land?

Saudi Arabia is a very rich country because of the vast deposits of petrolium in the country.The government of Saudi Arabia has used the natural resources found in the country very intelligently to benefit of the people.So Saudi Arabia changed in to a rich and prosperous land.

2.Which are the important religious centures of Saudi Arabia?

The most important pilgrim centres of Saudi Arabia are Mecca and Medina.These two religious centres are visited by millions of Muslims every year.

3.Who are Bedouins?

Traditional the people of Saudi Arabia were nomads, moving from place to place.They are called Bedouins.Their main occupation is rearing cattle. They live in tents made of animal skin.

4.How modern cities emerged in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a rich country because of vast deposits of petroleum. The money earned by selling petrolium to other countries has been used to build modern cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah.Several large  industries have been set up in Saudi Arabia, using the money earned by selling petroleum. This has further increased the the wealth and prosperity of the country.

5.What are called Sand dunes?

The desert is covered with small hills of sandbuilt by wind. This is called sand dunes. This sand dunes may be shifted from one place to another by strong winds  and dust stroms.

6.What are Abaya?

Abaya is the traditional dress of Saudi Arabian Women. In Saudia Arabia, Women must cover their head and body in the traditional Abaya, a black dress that only leaves their eyes exposed, when they go out.

7.What is a peninsula?

A peninsula is a piece of land jutting out into the sea. It is surrounded by water on three sides.

8.What are Oases?

Oases are fertile area formed in desert by underground water that comes to the surface. The land around oases is used for agriculture.

9.Why do Bedouins move from place to place?

The main occupation of Bedouins is rearing cattle.They move from place to place in search of pastures for their flocks of goats,sheep and camel.

10.How the sand dunes are shifted from one place to another?

In deserts, strong winds and dust storms keep blowing and shifiting of sand dunes from one place to another.

11.How did Bedouins traditionally earn their living?

Bedouins main occupation was rearing cattle.They sell animals and their products at market places in villages and buy food grains,dates and other things.

12.Which kinds of the plants grow in Saudi Arabia?

Very few plants can grow in a desert climate.Cacti and some short shrubs,which can withstand the hot and dry conditions can be seen  growing  in desert. Date palms and some crops such as wheat and barley are grown in the oases.

13.Briefly explain the climate of Saudi Arabia?

The climate of Saudi Arabia is hot and dry.The country gets very little rainfall, the humidity is very low, and the sun shines bright and hot through out the year.The nights are cool. During winter, the nights are very cold.

14.The society of Saudi Arabia is traditional.Describe?

The cities are modern, but the society in Saudi Arabia is very traditional. The country is ruled by the king. Women used traditional Abaya,ablack dress that only leaves their eyes exposed,when they go out. Most men and boys wear the traditional loose fitting white robes.

15.What is the traditional dress of Saudi Arabian men?

In Saudi Arabia most men and boys wear the traditional loose fitting white robes called thobe.Their heads are covered with white cloth, held in place by a ring.

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