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Question 2 of the English Language Paper provides the student with a choice of two subjects for letter writing requiring of formal or informal mode of treatment.

The students are assessed on the correct format of the letter, introduction and conclusion.

The style and language is also taken into account while making a script.

Things To Remember Before Beginning A Letter

Choice of Topic : Choose the topic with care. It is always advisable to write on a subject about which you have some knowledge.

Format : Pay careful attention to the necessary format of the letter. A correct format will gain you full marks in this section (2½ and 3 marks out of 10 marks are allotted to the formats of informal and formal letters respectively).

Content : Although, no specific word limit is mentioned, try to restrict your content to 200-250 words. 2 and 2½ marks out of 10 are allotted to informal and formal letters respectively for content. So so not ramble, write only about matter that has relevance to the topic. Brevity and precision are of utmost importance. The content must be divided into paragraphs.

Expression : Keep in mind the treatment the subject required. Suit your style of writing to the subject. a formal letter written in an informal style and vice versa would spoil the entire effect. After completing the letter go over it thoroughly to avoid any grammatical or syntactical errors that have been made due to carelessness. 50% of the total marks are allotted to expression in a letter. So be very careful so that your negligence does not make you lose valuable marks.

Remember to always begin a letter from a fresh page.

Kinds of Letter : Depending on the subject matter and the person to whom they are written, letters generally fall into three categories.

Informal or Personal Letters

These are letters written to persons with whom we share an informal relationship. For example, parents, siblings, relatives, friends and close acquaintances.

These letters are written in a simple and informal style and have an emotional appeal.

Formal or Official Letters

Formal or official letters are written to people holding official positions. In other words, a formal letter is not written to a person but to a chair or position. Hence, they are formal in nature, without personal or intimate details.

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