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                                                                                                 Paper 1
                                                                                          (Three hours)
                                              (Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper.
                                                             They must NOT start writing during this time.)

                                                                        Attempt all four questions.
                                       The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].
                                    (You are advised to spend not more than 50 minutes on Question 1,40 minutes on Question 2,30 minutes on Question 3 and 1 hour on Question 4.
                                                          (You should begin each answer on a fresh page)

Question 1

Write a composition (in approximately 450-500 words) on any one of the following subjects:                                            [30]
(You are reminded that you will be rewarded for orderly and coherent presentation of material, use of appropriate style and general accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar.)

(a) One should judge a man not by what he has, but by what he is. Express your views on this statement.
(b) Write a description of the most interesting person you have ever met.
(c) It is right for a person to interfere in the affairs of another. Write for or against this statement.
(d) Memories
(e) Relate how travel has been of educational value to you.
(f) Write an original story with the following ending:
       "..........It was exactly as he had said it would be."
Question 2

Write a review of a book you have recently read(in approximately 300 words) for your school magazine. Make use of the given points.               [20]
Name of the book __author____publisher____readership____cover and illustrations___plot___characters___insight into some interesting incidents___message if any ___appeal the book holds for you.

Question 3

Answer sections (a), (b) and (c).

(a) In each of the following items, sentence A is complete, while sentence B is not. Complete sentence B, making it as similar as possible to sentence A. Write sentence B in each case   [10]

(0) (A) Though it was a cloudy day, the temperature was 450 C
    (B) Despite................
Answer: (0) Despite it being a cloudy day, the temperature was 450 C

(1) (A) They are demolishing the entire block of flats.
    (B) The entire................

(2) (A) Anil thought the examination would be held later.
    (B) Anil was..........

(3) (A) I do not like this food as much as you do.
    (B) You..........

(4) (A) Raju failed in the examination, Yet he was not upset.
    (B) In spite of ...........

(5) (A) "Don't lend Ramesh any money," I said to Rita.
    (B) I advised............

(6) (A) As soon as the arrangements wre made to release extra water from the reservoirs, the rain came in a downpour.
    (B) No sooner.........

(7) (A) He had to sign or he arrested
    (B) If he.............

(8) (A) Meena complained of not being able to see the performance from the back row.
    (B) Meena complained that...........

(9) (A) Many anbitions people see politics as a stepping stone to personal power.
    (B) Politics...........

(10)(A) Rahul has wasted his wealth and ruined his health by his drinking habit.
    (B) Rahul has not only ............

(b) Fill in each blank with a suitable word. (Do not write the sentence.)            [5]
    (1) Let us talk______ them tomorrow about their homework.
    (2) The Principal gave us a talk_______ bullying
    (3) Manoj was not at home when his grandfather passed________
    (4) When we visited Dalhousie, we passed________ the house in which we had lived twenty years ago.
    (5) This nivel has been written________ Jeffrey Archer.
    (6) In the Middle Ages, books were witten_______ a variety of subjects.
    (7) He had promised her that he would come to the party but he didn't turn__________.
    (8) I was forced to turn _______ Maya's invitation as I was going to be out of town the following week.
     (9) Rashi applied________ a scholarship in an American university.
     (10)Arjun applied______ the university for higher studies but was denied admission.

(c) Fill in the blanks in the passage given below with the appropriate form of the verb given in brackets. DO not write the passage, but write the verbs in the correct order. [5]

Breathing is good, on this we _______(1)(can) agree. That is why sleep apnoea, a condition in which sufferers repeatedly ____(2)(stop) breathing and ______(3)(awake) during the night,_____(4)(be) so distressing and dangerous. Doctors______(5)(have) long known that the majority of people with sleep apnoea also _____(6)(have) gas and reflux, so they often_____(7)(treat) the reflux with heartburn medication. To prove the often_______(7)(treat) the reflux with heartburn medication. To prove the connection between reflux and sleep apnoes, scientists at an army hospital________(8)(observe) apnoea patients as they______(9)(sleep).They_______(10)(find) that reflux could, in fact, be the cause of many night-time awakenings.

Question 4

Read the passage given below and answer the questions(a), (b) and (c) that follow:


(1) My eldest boy had just turned nine. One day not long after, he was on his way to the pool on his bike when he slammed on his brakes in front of me and did a really nest skid. He looked back and gave me his
cheesy smile of satisfaction.                 5

(2) Normally that little skid would have provoked a stern warning not to "wearout your tyres". I was always taught to take care of my things and keep them in good Shape. I've come to learn,through, that there is a difference between the natural course of wearing things out and trying to make things last at any price. The difference became acute to me one bright sunny day four years ago.        10

(3) My then five-year-old boy had spent a normal summer afternoon playing in the park and swimming at the neighbourhood pool. At his bath time that night, I noticed he had small red spts all over his body. Some kind of measles. I thought, and called my wife to take a look. By pure chance, the next day he had an appointment with his paediatrician.            15

(4) Several tests (and long hours) later, the doctors figured my son had an illness called ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), Which causes your spleen to kill off your body's own blood-clotting platelets. If it got worse, he could bleed to death internally. Only time would tell whether it would get better on its own. You can imagine the fear that crept into our hearts.       20

(5) Three days into his stay at the hospital, I went to pick out a present for him. I reached for a yellow toy convertible(he loves cars).My hand hesitated. I knew that it wouldn't last long with a five-year-old boy. Then I thought to myself: So what if the doors break off and the wheels fall off. If those things happen, it will mean he is alive and well. I bought it in the hope that he would be well enough to play with it. He was thrilled to receive it, and it helped him pass the week he spent at the hospital.                                           25

(6) I saw the car the other day, sitting on a shelf in his room. The wheels have fallen off, the doors are broken and all of the chrome has worn off. I see it and I smile to myself. My boy has been perfectly well these past four years, and is full of vitality. His mysterious illness came and went.                           30

(7) And I learned that things are things and can be replaced if necessary. If any one of my three boys happens to break something or wear it out playing with it, instead of chastising him for carelessness, I now prefer to celebrate his boyhood. The empty shell of what once was a nice car, the balding tyre of his new bike, the lost pieces of his Monopoly game, all bear witness to the fact that there lives a healthy, happy boy.                                                           35

(8) prudence and preservation have their place, as do experimentation and curiosity. In the end, it is my relationships with my sons and my wife that have real lasting power. I choose to celebrate our lives and live with the losses.                                40

(9) Besides, I used to skid my tyres the same way___just not i front of my dad.
                       Elliot Van Egmond- The Globe and Mail(Adapted)

(a) (i) Given below are four words and phrases. Find the words which have a similar meaning in the passage:       [4]
        (2)energy and vigour
        (4)strong desire to know

 (ii) For each of the words given below, write a sentence of at least ten words using the same word unchanged in form, but with a different meaning from that which it carries in the passage:  [4]
      (1) shape(line 7)
      (2)park (line 12)
      (3)present (line 22)
      (4)well (line 27)
(b) Answer the following questions in your own words as briefly as possible:
   (i) Why is the disease ITP so serious?                         [2]
   (ii) What does the yellow car look like at present?        [2]
   (iii) What did the writter learn from his experience?      [3]
   (iv) What is most important to the writer now?             [3]

(c) Summarize the given passage in not more than 100 words. Failure to keep within the word limit will be penalised. You will be required to:
    (i) List your ideas clearly in point form.                        [6]
    (ii) In about 100 words, write your points in the form of a connected passage.  [6]

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