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1. What was the author’s first impression of the photographer?

  The author’s first impression of the photographer was not a pleasant one.  He was a drooping man with the dim eye of a scientist who studied plants and animals.

2. What did the photographer make the author do?

  The photographer made the author wait for an hour.  The author was not pleased with that.

3. Why did the author use the word ‘crawl’ to describe the movement of the photographer?

  The author wanted to express his dislike towards the photographer. So he used the word ‘crawl’.

4.  What comments did the photographer make on the author’s features?

  The photographer made harsh comments on the features of the author.  He said that the author's face was quite wrong, head was not good, ears were bad and eyes were not pleasing.

5. What was the author’s response to the photographer's unpleasant comments on his features?

  The author responded with emotion, yet with dignity, that he himself knew the faults of his features.  He said that he had learned to love his face even if it was bad.

6. What change did the author notice in the photographer, when he went back to him on Saturday?

  The photographer looked quieter and graver.   Besides, there was a certain pride in his manner.

7. Describe the changes made by the photographer in the photograph.

  The photographer retouched the eyes, removed the eye brows and replaced them with new ones, adjusted the mouth a little, and replaced the ears in the author’s photograph.

8.What was the reaction of the author when he saw the changes in his photograph?

   The author said that he had come there for a photograph that looked like him, which depicted his face as such and which might be kept by his friends in his memory.   He said that he did not want the modified photograph and asked the photographer to keep it with himself after making any change he wanted.  And at last the author broke into tears and left the place.

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