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What is sieve of erathosthenese
write a program in visual basic to create a form for the sports teachers which involves all students to choose their favorite sports
The area of a rhombus is 120 cm2 and the length of one diagonal is 10 cm compute the following measurements of this rhombus 1.length of the second diagonal 2.length of a side 3.perimeter 4.distance between sides
Why a space traveller feels weightlessness inside a satellite?
Does the ribosomes have a membrane surrounding it?or is it a non- membrane bound cell organelle?
How many hydrogen bonded water molecules are associated in Cuso4.5H2O?
What is simple harmonic motion?what are its examples?
What is electromeric,inductive,resonance effect,and hyper conjugation?
At Which part of our body does blood exerts high pressure?brain or feet?
What is non-cyclic photophosphorylation?
How certain skeletal muscles are seen red in colour even they lack haemoglobin?
What is the difference between functional group isomerism and metamerism?
Why dihydrogen is not used for filling balloons?
Mechanical energy and internal energy are the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy. Is it mechanical energy and internal energy are the same energy?
what i mean by algorithm and flowchart
Which is more spontaneous? A raw egg or a boiled egg?why?
Why hydrogen has occupied a special position in periodic table?
What is quiescent stage?when does it happen?
What is Newton's law of cooling?