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notes on vectors?
The rear side of a truck is open and a box of mass 40 kg is placed on the truck 4 m away from the open end. If coefficient of friction=0.15,g=10m/second square and the truck starts form rest with an acceleration of 2m/second square on a straight road.Calculate the distance of the truck from the starting when the box will fall off.
A force of 98 N is just able to move a body weighing 45 kg on rough horizontal surface. Calculate the coefficient of friction and angle of friction.
A woman starts from her home at 9.00 am, walks with a speed of 5 km/h on a straight road up to her office 2.5 km away.She stays at the office up to 5.00 pm, and returns home by an auto with a speed of 25 km/h. Choose suitable scales and plat the x-t graph of her motion.
how can we convert one system of units to another?
ball is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 20m/s from the top of high building. The height of point of projection from the ground is 25m. Calculate the maximum height upto which ball rises and the time taken by the ball to hit the ground. (Take g=10m/s square)
10^22 molecules are removed from 0.9g of h2o.the number of moles left is
What is mutation? Explain with an example.
WRITE A PROGRAM 1 TO GENERATE THE 121 FOLLOWING PATTERN. 12321 using 1234321 turbo c++ 123454321
WRITE A PROGRAM TO GENERATE THE FOLLOWING PATTERN. using 1 turbo 121 c++ 12321 1234321 123454321
Please give me the format of the following: 1. Notice 2. Diary Entry 3. Message 4. Report 5. Biosketch 6. Data Interpretation 7. Letter 8. Email 9. Article 10. Speech 11. Debate
A cubical block of side 7cm is surmounted by a hemisphere. What is the greatest diameter the hemisphere can have? find the area of the solid.
find the sum of all odd integers between 2 and 100 divisible by 3.
From a solid cylinder whose height is 2.4cm and diameter 1.4cm,a conical cavity of the same height and same diameter is hollowed out.find the total surface area of the remaining solid.
a hemispherical tank full of water is emptied by a pipe at the rate of 3 4/7 litres per much time will it take to empty half the tank,if its diameter is 3m.
A vessel is in the form of a hemispherical bowl surmounted by a hollow cylinder of same diameter.The diameter of the hemispherical bowl is 14cm and the total heigh of the vessel is 13cm.find the total surface area of the vessel.
Rohit purchases every year bank certificate of value exceeding the last years purchase by Rs 25.After 20 years, he finds that the total value of the certificate purchased by him is Rs 7250.Find the value of the certificate purchased : (a) In the first year. (b) In the 13th year.
Find the sum of all natural numbers lying between 100 to 200 which are divisible by 4.
What is the pheno typic ratio of a dihybrid cross in F2 generation?
Name the (4th) fourth member of alkene series.