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1. Why was the young seagull afraid to fly?

The young seagull was afraid to fly, due to lack of self confidence.

2. What did the parents do to motivate the young bird when it failed to muster up enough courage to fly?

The parents came to him calling him shrilly, scolding him, and threatening to let him starve on the ledge.

3. How did the parents support and encourage the young seagull's brothers and sister?

They perfected them, in the art of flying. They taught them how to skim the waves and how to dive for fish. When his brother caught his first herring, the parents circled around raising a proud cackle.

4. Cite an instance which shows the pathetic condition of the young bird.

When the family of the young seagull left him alone on the ledge, he felt hungry. He hadn't eaten anything, since the previous nightfall. He searched everywhere for food. At first, he got a mackerel's tail. Later he searched every  inch of the ledge, even among his nest. He even gnawed at the dried pieces of his own egg shell. 

5. How did the bird try to reach its parents without having to fly?

He walked back and forth from one edge of the ledge to the other.

6. Why could the seagull not succeed in his attempt?

The ledge was very sharp on its edge. He could not walk down it to the plateau on which his family stayed. Moreover, he could not fly.

7. Do you think that the young seagull's parents were cruel?

No. They were only tempting him to fly at least out of hunger.

8. Can you justify the attitude of the parents?

Yes. This is only one of the methods by which they tried to make their son fly.

9. Your parents sometimes behave in the same manner. The may seem cruel and unrelenting. Does it mean that they do not love you?

No. They have a larger objective in doing so. We should not judge them by their actions, but by their motives.

10. What prompted the young seagull to fly finally?

His extreme hunger.

11. Why was the young bird terrified? How did he overcome his fear?

When he jumped for food , at first he fell headlong into the sea. But when he opened his wings and flew, his fear disappeared.

12. How did the family support the seagull?

They flew around him crying, swooping, soaring and diving.

13. Why couldn't the young seagull stand on the green sea?

He was very tired and weak.

14. Do you think that the bird's parents loved him? Why?

Yes. They loved, encouraged and forced him to make his first flight.

15. In 'His First Flight' we read how a young seagull overcame his fear and inhibition and achieved success.

Do you remember any such incident in your life which prompted you to realize your potential? Narrate the incident in about 100 words.

When I was in the seventh standard, I learned the art of swimming. At first, I was very much afraid to jump into water. I feared that I would drown. We were learning swimming in a pond. The water was not very deep. Yet I was afraid of taking my plunge. When my friends jumped into the pond and swam about in the water, I used to sit on the bank and watch them. One day as I was sitting on the bank, one of my friends came from behind` and pushed me into water. I sank into the pond and drank some water. But my friend jumped along with me and took me ashore. Thereafter I lost my fear to jump into water. My friend taught me how to wade my hands through water. Thus, slowly after one or two hours I learned how to float on water.

16. Identify the situation or context in which the following statements are given in the story.

(a) Then a monstrous terror seized him and his heart stood still.

(b) He uttered a joyous scream and flapped them again.

(a) The statement is given where the young seagull fell down from the ledge into the sea below.

(b) The young seagull cried in joy when he could spread out his wings and fly.

17.Why was the young seagull afraid of his first flight?

The young seagull feared,that his wings would not support him and he will fall down into the sea.

18. What made the young seagull soar into the sky?

The young seagull was mad with anger. When he saw his mother carrying a fish, he soared into the sky.

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