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1. Explain the term E – Governance.

It is the practice of integrating computers and communication technology for the benefit of Government Functions.

2. Define the term E – commerce.

It is the act of exchange of money for goods and services electronically between a company and a user.

3. Define the term Telemedicine:

It is the system through which doctors can examine the patients in remote locations by monitoring the condition of the patient using computer based technology and networking and provide them medicines. This facility should be available both at the patients place and the doctor’s place.

4. Explain forensics:

It is the name the department which make use of computer to identify the criminals by the samples of blood skin and hair.

5.Describe Animation:

It is the process of creating a moving effect by displaying a series of pictures software are available for this.

6. Explain the application of computers in the field of medicine and health care.

In the field of medicine computers are used for various ranges of activities such as diagnosing illness, monitoring patients during surgery etc, with a telemedicine device installed at home, a nurse can complete a examination with out person ever having to go out. Various medical imagine techniques are x – Ray projection Imaging, x – ray computer Tomograph C T. and medical optical Imaging.

7.Is it possible to treat patients in distant places by expert doctors sitting in some other place? If yes how?

Name the technique with brief explanation:

The facility Telemedicine can be used here. Doctors and nurse can examine patients in remote locations by monitoring the patient conditions like patients blood pressure, listen to the heart and lungs and give correct medical treatment. With a telemedicine device installed at home, a nurse can complete an examination without person over having to go out. Telemedicine is implemented with the help of telephone line and a computer net work.

8. ‘Computers are indispensable parts of human life’. Justify this statement with at lest two suitable areas of applications?

Banking system: Various branches re equipped with terminals, giving them on line accounting facility and enabling them to interrogate the central system for information such as current balances , deposits, overdrafts and trustee records.

Insurance and stock market : Insurance companies, financial institutions, stock exchanges and stock booking firm also make use of computers.

9. How can we use computers in the field of communication ?

Computer networks provide a powerful means of communication. They offer a number of on – line services by accessing remote information through sharing of data bases. Computerized telephone exchanges can handle a large volume of calls. Internet is the longest computer network in the world. The internet offers a variety
of services by which people can communicates with each other. E – mail is an important service offered by the internet.

10. How can we use computers in Business ?

In the business field the use of computers is very vast. E –commerce is doing commerce using electronic technology in the exchange of money for goods or services between companies or between a company and user. Electronic commerce follows several methods of connecting buyers and sellers including advertising; and directories. B2C is the commerce taking place between business to end user or customer. B2B is the commerce taking place between business.

11.The Maruthi company decides to design and manufacture a new luxury car. Computers are to be used for the design and manufacturing of the car. In what ways does the computer support theses actions?

Computers can help in every phase of the proposed design in an efficient manner. Computer Aided Design ( CAD) software helps in the design, modification of the product and it can evaluate the alternatives more quickly and accurately. Computers can also be used in the manufacturing field to maintain quality of the finished products in order to raise its demand.

12.Computes play a vital role to identify criminals. Justify this statement with suitable area of communication.         

Forensic is the area which helps to identify the criminal with the help of evidence from crime sit such as blood, skin or hair samples. Face Recognition software researches for facial features. Finger print structure for identifying the person. Signature verification is the process used to recognize a person’s hand written signature.

13. A cabinet ministry of a country was seriously injured in a helicopter accident and was in a multi specialty hospital. Immediately the authority need the help of famous doctors in USA and UK. What are the ways in which they can get assistance from those doctors in other countries.

The facility Telemedicine can be used here. It is now possible to treat patients in distance places by expert doctors sitting in some other place. Doctors and nurses can examine patients in remote locations by monitoring the patient condition like patient’s blood pressure, listen to the heart and lungs, record body temperature and give the correct medical treatment. So the doctors in USA and UK can get involved in treating the injured patient of the accident in this way.

14. How computers can be used for entertainments explain.

Computers contribute various means of entertainment for children in the form of computer games, interactive videos, Video games. Computers are also used in music composing, film making and animations in cartoon films. Video pictures are created by recording, manipulating and displaying moving pictures and it is presented through television.

15. A student in India can join for a course in Russia and complete all his studies and get his certificate irrespective of his location of living or presence. This can be achieved with the help of a computer and internet connection ?

a) Name the type of education?
b) What are the facilities offered in this type of education? Explain any two.

a) Online education

b) Online education has revolutionized the education industry. Physically distant locations have come close to each other only due to computer networking.

An other key are is computer Assisted Instruction which is an educational medium in which instructional activities are undertaken by computer.

16. Explain the applications of computer in entertainment and education.

Computer education forms a part of the school and college curricula, as it is important for every individual today, to have the basic knowledge of computers. The advantages of computers in education include an efficient storage and rendition of information, quick information processing and very importantly the saving of paper. Computers contribute various means of entertainment for children in the form of computer games, interactive videos, video games, computers are also used in music composing, film making and animations in cartoon films.

17. Match the following

           A                  B

       a) MRI       1. Banking

       b) ISDN     2. Manufacturing

       c) ATM      3. Medical

       d) CAD      4.Communication

Answer :

                 a -3 , b -4, c -1, d -2.

18.Computer is an effective tool in educational research. Justify your answers.

We can use software for conducting software projects and research. Large software projects have become feasible for medium as well as large software institutions. Because of the falling cost of computer hardware, software industry is expanding the areas of specialized applications. Computes also process information, relayed from vehicles. Computer networks help to collect a variety of information from the satellites in the orbit.

19.Explain any two modern methods in communication.

The internet: Internet is the largest computer network in the world and offers a variety of services by which people can communicate with each other.

E – mail: An electronic mail system is a method of electronically sending messages mail or documents. It is also known as electronic delivery system or electronic delivery system or electronic document distribution /communication.

20. Explain the modern method communication in computerized telephone exchange.

Computerized telephone exchange:

It can handle of the system is comparatively fast with low error rates. These exchanges can be linked to other net woks/ exchanges for the wider use.

21.Compare the terms “ Edutainment” and “Infotainment”

Edutainment ( also Info – tainment or entertainment - education ) is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse. Modern forms include television productions film, museum exhibits and computer software which use entertainment to attract and maintain an accidence, while incorporating deliberate educational content or messages.

22. DR. DO plans to develop a new aircraft for Indian Air Force. Which computer software can be used for this purpose ? Justify.

Today computers on – board ships, submarines and airplanes are linked to land based control facilities for coordinating military operations. The full mission trainer software is software which can be used to develop a new aircraft. It will consist of a fully populated cockpit on a fixed based that is integrated with a high resolution image system with visual system display.

23. People live in remote areas or pilgrimages or tourists may not get the attention of not practical to set up speciality hospitals everywhere. Is there any remedy for this issue? Explain.

Yes, The solution is Tele – medicine. A Tele – medicine system consists of a computer network and telephone line with higher hand width. The details of the patients such as blood pressure, pulse rate, even photocopies at investigation reports like ECG etc., can be sent to expert doctors sitting in distant hospitals. The remote doctor can even listen to the heart and lungs at the patient via network. A junior doctor or nurse can provide medicine to the patient as per the advice of the expert doctor.

24. Can any body purchase goods or services and do money transactions by sitting in the house? If yes how ?

Yes, the answer is E – commerce .E- commerce is the process of exchanging money and goods or services between companies or between a person and a company over a network. A person siting in his home ca browse an e – commerce site, select items needed and order them. The bought items will reach the person by post. The money can be transacted using credit cards.

25. What is meant by medical imaging ? Write the advantages.

The view of the anatomical structure of human body can be taken using various techniques in Medical imaging like x – Ray, CT – scan, MRI, ESI, MSI etc, All these systems make use of powerful computes, printers, scanners etc, Medical imaging always provide great help to the doctors.

26. Briefly explain the application of computers in material production.

In the field of manufacturing, computes are being widely used for better usage of resources and quality improvement. The production activities like planning, scheduling, etc., can be done with help of computer software. This helps to optimize the production process and there by improving quality and minimizing cost. Computerised management also helps to finish the production activities in a stipulated time.

27. “Computer are now a day used widely in the field of law enforcement” Justify this statement.

The legal profession make use of the strength of computers in forensics, face recognition, finger print recognition signature pattern recognition, voice authentication, DNA Finger printing etc.,

28. Briefly explain how computers are effective in the field of Education.

Computers are now a day become an essential part of education. The following points can be summarized.

                  • Computers are used as a teaching aid in modern or smart class room.

                  • Demonstration of certain topics and electronic presentation are very easy with computers.

                  • Education software are available in CDs, demos of certain scientific experiments are also available.

                  • CBT ( Computer based training) CAT ( computer assisted instructions ) CBL ( computer based learning) are powerful solution in educational field.

                  • Teachers can conduct on line classes by sitting in remote places. Online exams also can be conducted.

29. “ Computers have a key role in the field of entertainment” justify the statement

In the field of entertainment the following points are important.

                              • Animation: creating moving effect by displaying series of stills.

                              • Games: Many types of computer/video games are popular. They make use of animated graphics, multimedia, 3D effects etc.,

                              • In the film industry strengths of computer graphics and animation are widely used films like Jurassic park, king Kong, Anaconda are examples.

30. Briefly explain the application of computers in defence.

Computers are used for the first time in the defence field. Its applications are widely spread from airplanes to sub - marines.

  • Controlling the missiles
  • Used in Radar systems
  • Used in Auto – pilot planes
  • Used in Auto – pilot planes
  • Used in military network like Milnet
  • Used in various weapon control.

31. Write down the role of E – Governance.

It is the practice of integrating computer and communication for the benefit of Government Functions and there by to public also. Government offices are being computerized so that public get service quickly. The Government functions like census, Income Tax, assessment, revenue recovery calculations, registrations like birth, marriage, death etc.,

32. What is meant by payroll ?

It is the process of calculating and recoding the wages or salaries of employees in a firm using software packages in a firm using software companies have came out with efficient packages. A salary slip is also printed as output.

33. Biju a business man need to with draw money from his bank account in the night time. He also doesn’t carry money while travelling long distance. Suggest a solution for his problems.

The best solution is to get a ATM card from a recognized bank. ATM stand for Any Time Money or Automatic Tellor Machine . It is safe and reliable. There will be card printed with vital details of your bank account. Certain amount of money can be withdrawn any time from any of the ATM counters around. No extra money will be charged by most of the bank.

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