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A cheetah is the fastest land animal and it can achieve a peak velocity of 100km/h upto a distance less than 500 m.if the cheetah spots it's prey at a distance of 100m ,what is the minimum time to get there
boethoven is one one of the greatest composer of music
which is the first reserved forest in india
State and derive law of conservation of momentum
Why tungsten used for filament of electric lamp ? Explain.
Do you think a computer system can be applied in business and medicine? Why?
describe the various methods of amendment followed in the indian constitution
Difference Between article and ventricle
What is distributive property
What is the reason behind lack of permanent human settlement in Antarctica?
How does democracy in a country enhance the dignity of an individual state at least 3 points
Roohi travels 300 km to her home partly by train and partly by bus. She takes 4 hours if she travels 60 km by train and remaining by bus. If she travels 100 km by train and the remaining by bus, she takes 10 minutes longer. Find the speed of the train and the bus separately.
Please explain the characteristics of echinodermata
Distinguish between compiler and interpreter
Please define oxidation
Can rusting be called combustion?
Need notes for The coming of Mughals, Akbar the great ,The mughal empire after Akbar,The fall of mughal empire,Developments in Europe,The reformation. (refer to text book syallabus - THe past and present -Ratna sagar Civics - The Legislature union and state,The Executive and the Judiciary
i find there are no notes for geography -ICSE NEED NOTES FOR NORTH AMERICA AND SOUTH AMERICA.
Who referred Quit India movement as "Storm in a tea cup" ?