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CBSE->Plus 2 Computer Science Questions

Total Questions 120
what is chromatic aberration.
what is linked list
what is Rolle's theorem
IN p-block 13 group why oxidation state +5 decreases down the group
Why does hot water freeze faster than cold water?
Can we store electricity,if yes,How?
State Coulumb's law in magnetism.
Define magnetic dipole moment.
what is wirless routers?and what are the uses of wirless routers?
(please note that its something relatsd to 10th class......) Show that only one out of n,n+4,n+8,n+12,n+16 is divisible by n when n is a +ve integer?
Whats the actual mass & charge of electron? How can the charge of electron be equal to charge of proton?
what is ipl?
what do you mean by reverse osmosis?
what do you understand by weightlessness? give one example
explain why , it is easier to pull a lawn mover than to it push it
which is more elastic , water or air and why
at what points of projectile motion the speed is [a] minimum [b] maximum
calculate the angular velocity of a wheel, rotating with 10 rpm
what is the height of geo-stationary satellite from the surface of earth
write the formula for moment of inertia of a sphere about its diameter