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CBSE->Std 9 Questions

Total Questions 1962
According to rules in India industries can't put their untreated sewage in rivers. why such rules are not followed? give any three reasons?
What inspiration do we get from the life of Nelson Mandela?
which age group is known as work force population? explain the existing employment structure in the agricultural sector in India .also explain major problems.
What are the differences between volatile and non-volatile liquids?
Explain the drainage factor with the help of diagram. Godavari basin is also called Dakshin Ganga.
explain the three factors which led to the rise of Hitler in Germany
What is drainage basins? What is meant by drainage basins of the peninsular rivers are comparatively small in size?
Can a cell live without Mitochondria?
life of human being without fresh water
a class of 20 boys and 15 girls is divided into n groups so that each group has 'x' boys and 'y' girls.find x y and n.
find k if zeroes of polynomial Kx2-6x+9 are equal
Why do we cry when we yawn?
name 1 inorganic nitrogenous fertilizers? name 2 nitrogenous fertilizers? name 2 potash fertilizers?
Explain why some of the leaves may get detached from a tree if we vigorously shake it from it's branch.
how to find six rational numbers from 3 and 4?
how can we find six rational numbers from 3/5 and4/5??
common features between democratic and non-democratic country
What is impulse of force??