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Kerala (English Medium)->Plus 2 Computer Science Questions

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how would you complete the following observation ? write the complete equation Benzoic acid to m-nitrobenzyl alcohol
what is rust?
Preparation / Synthesis of alcohols:
Principle of velocity selector
Derivation for motion of a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field
difine electrostatics potential?
explain gauss thearom
when a coil is joined to a cell , the current through the cell grows with a time constant torque . the current will reach 10% of steady state value in time
work done by gravity on a simple pendulum bob of mass m ,string of length l in a complete oscillation with angular amplitude of Q0 IS?
A body of mass m starting from rest is accelerated uniformly so that its velocity at t1 becomes equal to v1 .work done by acceleration force on the body in function of time t ?
what is the difference between how are you?$ how do you do. what is mean by how do you do what should we replay to the question how do you do
how to find formula of a compound $ number of voids filled ? give an example
can you give a short note about closed packed structure
what is electron - rich impurities $ electron -deficient impurities?
ccp$bcc are same? is hcp$ fcc are same?
efficiency of packing in face-centred cubic cell &end -centred cubic cell?
number of atoms in a unit cell in a end (edge)-centered cubic sructure(fcc)
in frenkel defect why is a cation usually dislocated from its normal site to an interstitial site
a compound PQ crystallises in Bcc lattice WITH unit cell edge length of 480pm. calculate the distance between oppositely -charged ions in the lattices
Define 'energy of activation' of a reaction.