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ICSE/ISC Questions

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what is the use of return statements in a function when written in a java programming?
what is local value
what is mechanical advantage?
what is the name of national highway?
what is electrolysis?
what is the process occurring during pro-phase?
what is power root?
Write a program to initialize an array 0f 10 integers.take an integer as input from the user,search it in the array and delete it.make required shifting.
WAP for a cyber cafe,to input name of person visiting it and time he utilizes the internet services.Amount charges are as follows:- time charges per hour <=1 hr rs 10 upto 4 hr rs 15 upto 10 hr rs 20 >10 hr rs 30 1.)assume that cyber cafe allows entry of name till a name is entered as "000".count no of customers. 2.)total amount collected by the cafe at the end of a day when customer entry is stopped.
how much litres of blood a human adult have
what is coaxial overlapping ,lateral overlapping , pie bond and sigma bond
why do we feel tickling?
Name the year of first world war
what is the fullfoam of police
How does early man earn his living
what is density
what is auto content wizard?
what is the capital of magadha ?who found it?