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ICSE/ISC Questions

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Two isosceles triangles have equal vertical angles. Show that the triangles are similar. If the ratio between the areas of these two triangles is 16:25,find the ratio between their corresponding altitudes.
example for a plane mirror
can you please tell an easy method to find the square root of large numbers
What is the difference between diesel and petrol?
who is the father mordern politicalscience
why is java said to be an object oriented program
capital of srilanka
which is the large animal in world
define DNA with diagram
Who findout the physics?
What do you mean by arrays? Why is it important in java?
State impotrtant points of Daltons atomic theory?
Who is the present RBI Governor ?
An experiment for Osmosis by potato osmoscope.Please explain it with a diagram.
Explain Elizabathean stage in Shakespeare's time.
A(8,-6),B(-4,2),C(0,-10) are the vertices of a triangle ABC.If P is the mid-point of AB and Q is the mid-point of AC,use co-ordinate geometry to show that PQ is parallel to BC. Give a special name to quadilateral PBCQ.
what is the new name for national highway 17 in Kerala
what is biome?
what is the use of return statements in a java programming?