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1. Aish maggi eating is breakfast for. 


Aish is eating maggi for breakfast. 

2. reading is a Shweta story book. 


Shweta is reading a story book. 

3. granny my me baked cake lovely for.


Granny baked a lovely cake for me. 

4. are travel to going train they by. 


They are going to travel by train.

5. colourful magician the is wearing hat a.


The magician is wearing a colourful hat. 

6. snow covered mountains are with the 


The mountains are covered with snow.

7. caught  we in the middle traffic jam of a were.


We were caught in the middle of a traffic jam.

8. loves to bike ride John the.


John loves to ride the bike. 

Std 1
Andhra Pradesh (English Medium)

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