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1.What are the main parts of a computer?

♦ CPU    ♦  Keyboard   ♦ Mouse   ♦  Monitor

2.What is the use of Monitor?

The Monitor looks like a TV screen.It shows what we type in through the keyboard or draw with the mouse.


3.What is the use of Keyboard?

The Keyboard is used to type words,numbers and symbols.


4.What is the use of  Mouse?

The mouse is a pointing device.It point to items on the screen and give commands to the computer.


5.What is Central Processing Unit?

The Central Processing Unit is the most important part of the computer.It controls the working of the computer and its parts.It is also known as the brain of the computer.


6.What is Computer System?

All the parts of a computer are joined to the CPU and together they form the computer system.

7.What are peripherals?

The computer has many useful parts which help us to work with it,these parts are known as computer peripherals.

8.What is the use of Printer?

The Printer is used to take printouts of letters and pictures on paper.


9.What is the use of Joystick?

The Joystick is used to play games on the computer.When it moves ,it gives signals to the computer.


10.What is Touch Pad?

Touch pad is an input device.It  is used instead of mouse in Laptops.


11.What is the use of Microphone?

The  microphone allows us to record speech and songs in the computer.


12.What is Web camera?

A Web camera takes pictures and stores them in the computer.The web camera is also used to communicate with people over the Internet.


13.What is Projector?

The Projector allows us to see the display on a large screen.


14.What is Scanner?

A Scanner can copy pictures from a book or scan photographs and put them into the computer.

15.What is Speakers?

Speakers help to listen  songs played on the computer.

16.What are the uses of CD and DVD?

CDs and DVDs are a part of the computer memory.They are used to store documents,pictures,songs and movies.


17.What is Pen Drive?

A Pen Drive is a small size of storage device.It can store hundreds of documents,pictures and songs.


18.What is Floppy disk?

A floppy disk is a part of the computer's memory.It is used to store small amount of data.


19.What is UPS?

The UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) keeps the computer working even when the power supply is off.

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