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I. Meanings

1) Mason  :  One who builds

2) Tailoring  :  Stitching clothes

3) Chatted  : Spoke to each other

4) Guessed : Thought, imagined

5) Gruffly  :  In deep and harsh sounding voice

6) Fetch  :  Collect

7) Irregular  :  Separated by periods of time that are not equal

8) Cultivate  :  to prepare the land for growing crops or plants

9) Upset  :  very sad, worried or angry about something

10) Discussion  :  a conversation about something important

II. Question Answers.

1) Where does Arul live?

Arul lives at keeranar village in pudukottai district.

2) Who is ponni?

Ponni is the eldest sister of Malar.

3) What course does Mallika do in Mathur?

Mallika attented a tailoring course in Mathur.

4) Did Malar mind walking back from school? Yes/No say why?

No, Malar did not mind walking back from school. Because all the way from school to home she would chat and play with her friends.

III. Words to learn. Opposites

1) Elder - Younger

2) Regular - Irregular

3) Always - Never

4) After - Before

5) Lazy -  Active

6) Satisfied - Dissatisfied

7) Busy - Idle

8) Happy - sad

9) Give - Take

10) Small - Big

IV. Use - Younger, Older, Eldest, youngest,  in the given sentences.

1) Malar is elder than Arul.

2) Ponni is the eldest daughter of kathirvel and Shanthi.

3) Arul is the youngest of the four children.

4) Mallika is younger than ponni.

V. Let us remember. Complete the sentences(Choose the correct Answer)

1) This story is about ______

b) women saving time and energy by learning to cycle.

2) Keeranur village is in ______

b) Pudukottai

3) The one who brings water for the family is _____

b) Mallika

4) When Mallika's mother told her she was lazy, Mallika said she walked 9 kms every day.

5) What did the collector want the women to do?

b) learn to ride the bicycle.

6) Malar dreamt of riding her bicycle to

b) school, college and the clouds

VI. Share this with the class. 3 lines using the words in the picture.

1) brake : By applying brakes we stop the cycle.

2) pedal : By moving the pedal to and fro we ride the bicycle.

3) chain : The two tyres of the cycle are connected by a chain.

Sentences using descriptive words.

4) The tyres of the cycle are very Strong.

5) The cycle has shining seat cover.

6) Chain of the cycle is metallic.

VII. Talking Together

1) How far from home was Mallika's tailoring class?

Mallika's tailoring class was 4 kilometers far from the home.

2) Why did she say,"If there is anyone who needs a bicycle, it is me"?

Mallika says that she is the one who needs bicycle because it is she who travels 9 kilometers every day.

3) What do you think about Mallika's feeling when she told her mother not call her lazy?

Mallika might have felt very sad when her mother called her lazy because she was not at all lazy and used to walk 9 kms every day.

4) What do you think Malar's father did not want the women in house to learn how to cycle?

Malar's father did not want the women in house to learn to ride bicycle. because he believed that it is not a thing to be done by women.

5) Why do you think he changed his mind?

He changed his mind because almost all the women in the village started learning bicycle riding.

6) Do you think Malar's dream will come true?

Yes, I think that Malar's dream will come true.

7) How did Mallika and Shanthi learn to ride a bicycle?

Mallika and Shanthi learn to ride a bicycle by borrowing the old bicycle of Radhamma.

VII. Think and Write.

If you were the collector of your district and wanted to do a good thing for the people, what would that be? Write a short paragraph [5 line].

1 F 1 were the collector of my district, I would solve the water problem of the villagers. I would take necessary actions to clear all the pending requests for water connection. I would help people to get water connection. I would see to that every house has water connection. This will prevent people from walking miles to get water.

VIII. Imagine

You are Sarthi. After your first cycling experience, you are very happy and want to tell your sister Manimekalai, who lives in Trichy. What it was like. Write a letter have is a format. Fill it.

                                                                                                                                                                      Place : Nagercoil

                                                                                                                                                                      Date : 7/8/2013

Dear sister,

It is long time I have written a letter to you. How are you sister? Hope you are fine. I have pen down to share my experience of cycling. Sister you know that I am interested in such things. And finally I got a chance to ride a bicycle. Sister you will not be able to imagine how excited I was. Though I was riding a bicycle I was of the feeling that I was flying a plane. Sister it was one of the most wonderful experience I ever had sister please come fast and you can witness my cycle riding and my excitement. I am stopping the letter with the hope to see you soon.

                                                                                                                                                               Yours loving sister





               Lane 6A,



               Pincode- 686431

IX. Read the passage and analyse the chart

a) What is the name of village?

The name of village is Mempatti.

b) The main source of transport for men is Bus

c) Who are now forced to use the bicycle?

The fisher women use the bicycle to take their fish to the market.

d) Give the percentage of people who occasionally use the bicycle.

27% of people are occasional users of bicycle.

e) The percentage of regular users is the highest.

Std 6
Tamil Nadu (English Medium)

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