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1.Write about MICR.

MICR means Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.It is a character recognition technology.It is mainly used by the banking industry to facilitate the processing of cheques.It consists of specially designed magnetic ink printed character which can be recognized by high speed magnetic recognition equipment.This series of readable characters provides information like cheque number,bank routing number,checking account number and in some cases the amount of the cheque.

2.Why Magnetic codes are used by banking Industry?

The magnetic codes are present at the bottom of the cheque.MICR reader reads the magnetic codes on it and sends the information to computer.The MICR technique provides security against forgery that is why it is used by banking industry.

3.What is OCR?

OCR means Optical Character Recognition.It is a process of converting printed materials into text or word processing files.These files can be stored easily and can be edited whenever required.The OCR system consist of an optical scanner and specially designed software.The OCR process is also used for handwriting.

4.What is Barcode Reader?

A Barcode Reader is an input device which is used to read the barcode of a product.A bar code reader consists of a scanner,a decoder and a cable used to connect the reader with a computer.

Barcode readers are widely used in super markets,departmental stores,libraries etc.

5.How to work a Barcode Reader?

A Barcode Reader works by directing a beam of light across the bar code and measuring the amount of light that is reflected back.The scanner convert this light energy into electrical energy,which is then converted into data from the decoder and forwarded to a computer for keeping records.

6.Write about OMR.

OMR means Optical Mark Recognition.It is the process of capturing human-marked data from document forms.Such as surveys and tests.These marks are generally made by pencil or pen.It is also known as an optical mark reader.The OMR technique is used for 

• Research

• Surveys

• Consumer survey

• Tests/assessments

• Evaluation /Feedback

• Product evaluation

• Time sheets

• Membership subscription forms

7.In which places OMR techniques are mainly used?

The OMR technique is used for 

• Research

• Surveys

• Consumer survey

• Tests/assessments

• Evaluation /Feedback

• Product evaluation

• Time sheets

• Membership subscription forms

8.What is Magnetic Strip?

A Magnetic strips are used to store data.Once the data is stored on a magnetic strip it cannot be modified. It can store up to 60 characters. A magnetic strip is used in plastic cards like credit cards, debit cards, identity card, transportation tickets etc.

9.What is Smart card?

A smart card is a plastic card which contains a microchip.These cards appear like credit card and debit card.Smart card include a microchip as the central processing unit,random access memory and data storage of around 10 MB.A smart card is used for telephone calling,electronic cash payments,public transportation and other application.

10.What is Touch screen?

A touch screen is a computer display screen that is an input device. The touch screens are sensitive to pressure a user interacts with the computer by touching pictures or words displayed on the screen.

11.What is the use of Digital camera?

A Digital camera is an input device that captures images and transfer it to computer.It is handy and light weighted. We can download images from memory card to computer and save it for long time in hard disk.

12.How to work a Digital camera?

A Digital camera is an input device that capture images. It store images in digital form.It consists of an electrical sensor, a memory card and flash memory. It stores all the images in memory card. It has a screen that shows captured image immediately.

13.What is a Camcorder?

A Camcorder is a portable electronic recording device capable of recording live motion video and audio for later playback.

14.How does a camcorder work?

A Camcorder is a camera recorder. Camcorder has three major components-a lens that gathers and focuses light, an image that converts light into an electrical signal and a recorder that converts electrical signals into digital video and encodes them for storage.

15.What is Web camera?

A Web camera is a video capturing device connected to a computer. It is an input device that allows to view people while chatting.

16.Write about Plotter.

A Plotter is an output device that is used to generate graphical output such as graphs, charts,maps, images etc. A plotter uses a pen or pencil. It can use multiple pens and pencil, which can be easily changed to create drawing of different colours.

The plotter are two types

  • Flatbed Plotter
  • Drum Plotter

Flatbed PlotterThe Flatbed Plotter is mainly used to design aircraft,ships and buildings. It consists of a stationary horizontal plotting surface on which the paper is fixed . It consists of a pen mounted on a carriage which is used to draw lines horizontally and vertically.

Drum PlotterA drum plotter consists of a cylinder that draws lines in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Paper is placed over to draw.Drum plotter is generally used to draw weather reports, earthquake activity and long buildings.

17.What is a LCD Projector?

LCD Projector means Liquid Crystal Display Project.It is a device that is used to display presentation and for conducting live meetings with people sitting at remote location.The LCD Projector is used in schools for showing knowledge presentation and movies to children.

18.What is software?What are the different types of software?

Software is defined as set of programs that help computer to work properly and process information correctly.

Software is divided into two:

  1. System Software
  2. Application Software

Example of System Software are:

              Operating system

              Device drives

              Language Translators

              System Utilities

Examples of Application Software are:

             MS Word

             MS Excel


             MS Powerpoint

             Image Editor

19.What is System Software?

System Software is defined as a set of programs that are designed to control the functioning of a computer.Some of the important functions performed by system software are Visual display file management,management security system,process input and output of data etc.

20.Explain the types of System Software :

1.Operating System: The Operating system is software that acts as an interface between computer hardware and the user.Some of the common operating systems include Windows XP,Windows NT,DOS,UNIX and Linux.

2.Translators: A Translator is used to convert a high-level language into a low level language.

Some of the important translators that convert highlevel language into machine language are Compilers,Interpreters and Assemblers.

            a.Compiler: A Compiler reads a program,lists all the errors and then converts the program into machine language.

            b.Interpreter: An interpreter executes one statement of a program at a time.It converts the program into machine language line by line.

           c.Assembler: An assembler converts low level assembly language programs into machine language.

21.What is System Utilities?

System Utilities perform special tasks like maintenance of computer hardware and data.They are used to secure computer data.The System Utility program provides functions like file management,backup data recovery,virus protection and disk cleanup.

22.What is Application Software?

Application software is a set of program used to do special tasks in computer.

Example: MS Word,MS Excel,DBMS,MS PowerPoint.

23.What are the use of MS Word?

Microsoft word or MS Word is used for documentation purpose and it is the most common used word processor.It allows to create,edit,format,save and print documents.It also provides various Font styles,word art and tables.It also provide the facility to check spelling and grammar in documents.

24.What is the use of MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel is an application program for creating spreadsheets.Spread sheet allows to organize information in rows and tables.Spreadsheet are used to create results, lists of expenses and other calculations.

25.What is DBMS?

DBMS stands for Database Management System.It is a collection of computer programs that allows to store data,modify data and share data easily.Some of the DBMS software includes FoxPro,MS Access and Oracle.

26.What is MS Powerpoint?

MS Powerpoint is a presentation program.It is a powerful tool to create professional looking presentations and slide show.

27.What is the use of Image Editing Software?

The Image Editing Software used for capturing and editing images.

Example: Snag IT,Adobe Photoshop,Corel draw. etc.

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