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1. What is pronouns?

Ans: Pronouns are small words that take the place of a noun. We can use a pronoun instead of a noun. Pronouns are words like: he, you, ours, themselves, some, each.... If we didn't have pronoun, we would have to repeat a lot of nouns. We would have to say things like:

Do you like oranges? I don't like oranges. Oranges are sour.

With Pronouns, we can say"

Do you like oranges? I don't like them. They are sour.

Number               person            gender                           personal         pronouns

                                                                                          subject           object

Singular                 Ist               male/female                            1                   me

                             2nd              male/female                         you                 you

                             3rd               male                                   he                    him

                                                female                                she                     her

                                                neuter                                 it                        it

Plural                   Ist                male/female                         we                    us

                           2nd               male/female                        you                   you

                           3rd                male/female/neuter              they                   them


We may sometimes refer to an animal as he/him or she/her, especially if the animal is domesticated or a pet. Ships (and some other vessels or vehicles) as well as some countries are often treated as female and referred to as she/her. Here are some examples:

           This is our dog Rusty. He's an Alsation.

           The Titanic was a great ship but she sank on her first voyage.

           My first car was a Mini and 1 treated her like my wife.

2. Possessive Adjectives.

Ans: We use possessive adjectives to show who owns or "Possesses" something. The possessive adjectives are:

  • my, your, his, her, its, our, their
  • whose (interrogative)

       They must agree in gender with the words which they refer back

 Your  = possessive adjective
you're = you are

its = possessive adjective
it's = it is OR it has

their - possessive adjective
they're = they are
there = adverb (I'm not going here/ look over there/ there is a car outside

Whose = possessive adjective
Who's = who is OR who has

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